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Nelson J.O. Wong, DDS, MADIA

Jonathan and his new glasses!!!


Don't I look handsome???


Rene and her husband have moved to Lincoln!

The last part of 2012 was a very exciting and oftentimes stressful for our Front Office Administrator, Rene.  After working here in our office for over a year, she and her husband decided to make Lincoln their new home.  She is now a mere 8 minutes away from the office.  Ask her more about her new adventure when you see her!

Jonathan needs glasses!
We just brought the boys to their Pediatric Ophthalmologist for their 1 year old check-up.  They had to have 3 eyedrops each for the dilation process.  All 3 took it very well.  They did get a bit restless though while they were waiting for their eyes to dilate.

Fortunately Christopher and Timothy both had good-excellent checkups. Jonathan, however, needs glasses as he has pretty strong astigmatism.  Do you know how upsetting it is to a parent when you hear that your 15 month old baby needs to wear glasses?  He needs glasses ASAP! His brain is developing so he needs to wear glasses to program the brain to remember this corrected sight.  If we don't do anything about it then his brain will remember the poor sight and it will be very difficult to correct in the future.  

We have seen older children, say 3-4 years old wear glasses, but never a 15 month old.  
The Optometrist tells us that they fit glasses on children as young as 6 months and for those who absolutely cannot wear glasses then they have no other choice but to wear contact lenses.  What?  Contact lenses on a baby?  The poor parents must put the contacts in the baby's eyes.  I cannot imagine that this would be an easy thing to do - everyday to boot!  Oh and usually they are hard contacts, not the soft ones.

Everyone is reassuring us that it won't be that bad and that he will look so cute.  We just hope that his 2 brothers won't try to pull the glasses off his head!  

Stay tuned for pictures of Jonathan and his glasses!
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