Dr. Nelson Wong Testimonials

Testimonials About Lincoln Dentist Dr. Wong and His Fabulous Staff!

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Lincoln, California. Read what our patients are saying about Life Enhancing Dental Care below.

I love my teeth!
I want everyone to see my new smile!

- Frances Maisel

It has been over 2 years since I had my teeth cleaned when I came to Life Enhancing Dental Care. I had no soreness in my gums the next day.This is unusual for me. I also enjoy the extra relaxation treatments offered at Life Enhancing Dental Care. Dr. Wong, Audrey and Stephanie are all sweet, wonderful people.

- Marilyn J Railsback

Thank you for your outstanding and very professional dental care. You are truly “the gentle and caring dentist that I was hoping to find when we moved to Northern California. When I was growing up, I was so blessed and fortunate to see my dentist every day because my father was a dentist. My family, his patients and I referred to him as “the gentle and caring dentist!” Now that I am a patient of Dr. Wong, he definitely meets the requirements of the “gentle and caring dentist”! Thank you for your service to our community.

- Marilyn Thomas

I was so pleased with Julie’s work today for my cleaning appointment. She prepared warm water ahead for my treatment and was sensitive to my sore spots and careful throughout the procedure. Kudos Audri and Dr. Wong on our choice of an employee in Julie!

- Carol Percy

After trying other dentists in Lincoln, my wife Phyllis and I are so happy to have found Dr. Wong and his Life Enhancing Dental Care. His expert talent generates confidence that we are receiving the very best care and his friendly staff always gives us a warm greeting every time we arrive for treatment, and when we check-out, we get a nice warm cookie! They almost put the fun back in drilling and filling.

- Bob & Phyllis Griffin

I’m impressed with Dr. Wong’s work, which is very professional. I’m grateful to have him as my dentist. For you who fear going to a dentist, don’t have any fears with Dr. Wong. He is very gentle and thorough!

- Margaret Reeves

My husband has Parkinson’s. He had new dentures plus implants made at Dr. Wong’s office. Before the implants his dentures were moving around due to his bone structure. Now he can eat again and even gained some weight! He is very happy and we would recommend Dr. Wong anytime.

- Mrs. Olga Denk

The most comfortable dental experience I’ve ever had! The staff is friendly and caring. So glad Dr. Wong is part of Sun City.

- Denny Wong

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my teeth. People tell me they look so natural! They fit perfectly and that makes me feel good! Great Job!

- Jenny Mallett

After having dental implants placed, I went home and sat down for lunch. I thought I was in heaven! I could actually chew my food and enjoy it without having my mouth hurt! Implants have certainly improved my well-being both physically and mentally.

- Eva Faulk

Dr. Wong and his staff have treated us in a competent and professional manner. He is caring and concerned about
our treatment and always tries to make us comfortable physically and emotionally.

- Arthur and Marilyn Hallin

In all my years of dental care in New York and California, I find Dr. Nelson Wong and his competent staff of Life Enhancing Dental Care to be very caring, personable and extremely proficient. I find myself being totally at ease under his care and have every confidence in his recommendations and his work. I highly recommend Dr. Wong for his dental expertise and believe anyone scheduling an appointment with Dr. Wong will be more than happy with the work they receive!

- Jack Tonnochy

When Dr. Wong told me he could anesthetize just one tooth at a time, I thought I had probably found a pretty special dentist. After all…the numbing of one whole side of my mouth has always been the worst part of going to the dentist.Then one day Dr. Wong fitted me with a new crown that needed no adjustment at all. It just fit perfectly from the first time it was put in place! That had never happened to me before. Dr. Wong’s skills along with the expertise and kindness of the rest of the office staff, the massage cushion in the dental chair, the hand massage and hot wax hand treatment, not to mention the fresh baked cookies after each visit make each dentist appointment something I look forward to. The Life Enhancing Dental Care office is a very special place! Thank you Dr. Wong, Audri and staff!

- Gail Stevenson

I’ve had a very positive experience with Dr. Wong and his staff. He is very gentle and the office is so peaceful and serene, it’s more like a spa.

- Diana MacDonald

Dr. Wong is about the best dentist we have ever had in our lives and we are over 70 years young! We can only highly recommend him and his staff.Thank you for the painless procedures!

- Al & Chris Schropp

Dr. Wong has a beautiful office with the latest equipment. I thought it would be high-priced. Boy, was I wrong! His fees are reasonable and I received excellent care. His work is of the highest quality. I’ve never been treated so well in a dental office before. After years of being disappointed and being fearful of the dentist, I have finally found the BEST!

- Lilac Gee

No matter how great the job to be done on your teeth – FEAR NOT…end Result “top”. Dr. Wong is very professional and the best we ever had. The staff is superb!

- Dr. Paul and Ann Baron

I wanted to tell you how great your seminar was on Tuesday! It was so down to earth and advised people that there are many others with the same problem (sleep apnea). We were frantically getting things together to come up here to Lake Tahoe. We forgot most things but at least we are here. We will be back on July 29th for my appointment with Dr. Aghili. The trees and lake are just as beautiful as always! Thank you again for a really informative sleep apnea seminar.

- Barbara Chadwick

Upon moving to Lincoln Hills, I started the search for a dentist. I tried a new dental office and was so disappointed. It was an assembly line. One day as I was having my Starbucks coffee, I noticed Dr. Wong’s dental office was almost ready to open so I knocked on the door and he and Audri stopped what they were doing and gave me a tour. Their immediate welcome was genuine and so I made an appointment. That was a year ago and they have helped me with several procedures and cleanings. They truly follow their philosophy of patient care priority. Like many others, I am always anxious and nervous and yet their calm demeanor and willingness to take the time to clam and comfort me along with the best in dental technology, assure me. The Dental Assistant Stephanie is also a gem and her smile and consideration are welcoming. I know I can call with a question and concern and they will respond in a timely manner. I am so grateful to have found them – did I mention the soothing hot towels and aromatherapy with a cookie on the way out the door!?

- Nina Mazzo

I am a 93 year old man who has had dentures for the last 40 years. When I would eat, they moved around so much that it irritated my gums. Not to mention the mess trying to put the powder or gel that is supposed to hold them in place. Then I found Dr. Wong. He is very thorough, gentle and very sensitive to my needs!! My implants have made such a difference in my life! I am able to eat everything and anything and as a result I have put some weight back on!! I honestly look forward to eating again! I would highly recommend Dr. Wong and his staff to anyone who is having issues with their dentures or any other oral problems they may be having. My only regret is that I did not have this done a whole lot sooner! Thank you Dr. Wong for taking such good care of me!

- Herbert J. Zeiss

I have been very pleased with Dr. Wong and his staff. Dr. Wong has been so kind and considerate of all my little fears that I feel I can trust him with all my dental problems and procedures.

- Gloria Iannelo

I highly recommend Dr. Nelson Wong, DDS. My wife, who has a vast history with dentists, has found complete satisfaction with Dr. Wong’s professionalism and performance with her implants. He handles his patients with great care, very great care.

During a visit to Dr. Wong’s office my wife had a fainting spell. Dr. Wong checked her blood pressure and found it dangerously low. He wanted to call an ambulance which she refused. When I arrived he advised me to take her directly to the emergency room. When her BP was stabilized and after remaining overnight for observation she was released.

Thank you Dr. Wong. We are very grateful for all the service you and your staff provide.

- Jim and Kishi McKee

Very friendly and out-going staff. The staff made me feel at home and as if I was part of a family. I have never felt so comfortable in an office before.

- Sara

Moving to a new area where you don’t know anyone can be overwhelming. Finding new doctors and a new dentist can be challenging. We feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Wong and his amazing staff. They are very professional but at the same time make their patients feel relaxed and comfortable. They are friendly and courteous, always aware of their patient’s needs.

- Moe and Meryle Bloom

Since being fitted for my NTI, my headaches are less frequent, sleeping a little deeper and no fear of bruxism and tooth fracture. It is a perfect fit, very comfortable. I wear it during the day as needed.

- Susan

I am not so much a grinder but I am a real CLENCHER. Clenching my teeth was apparently a major contributor to my headaches and neck pain for which I have been to receiving physical, chiropractic and massage therapy for years, not to mention the decades of taking prescription pain medications. Dr. Wong recommended the NTI device to me years ago and I was skeptical and resisted.

Recently the right side of my head, ear and neck hurt so bad I thought I had an ear infection.
My GP told me there was nothing wrong with my ear, maybe a toothache was causing the pain. Dr. Wong saw me right away and ruled out a specific tooth issue. He again attributed the pain to TMJ and my clenching. At this point I thought, “I’ve tried EVERYTHING else, why not give this a try?”

I’ve had my NTI (Tension Supression system) for about 3 weeks and I can really feel a difference! It is amazing what that very small piece of plastic has done for me. 3 weeks with NO HEADACHE, NO PAIN MEDS, NO NECK ADJUSTMENTS and I can finally get a full body massage without spending the entire 90 minutes trying to get the kinks out of my neck and shoulders!

Thank-you Dr, Wong!

- Leslie Johnson

Just a note to let you know how thrilled I am with the final outcome of my dentures and the implants. Initially I was so skeptical that the expense would justify the end result.

Fortunately I listened to you and gave up my idea of just settling for just the
dentures. It was my trust in you and your level of explanation that gave me the confidence to go ahead with the original plan.

The comfort and fit is amazing. I appreciate everything you have done for me. It took some time to complete the process but it was so worth it!!

Rene and Alyssa are the best. They were so kind and encouraging.

Thanks to all.

- Karen Brecher

This was my 2nd Upper Denture. Due to cancer, I lost my teeth approx 5 years ago. I felt the dentures I had, looked like fake teeth. I had the financial ability to obtain a back-up set and now that I have them, they will be my daily teeth. They look real - truly life enhancing! Worth every cent!!
This is a very warm/comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Wong and his staff. No matter what your procedure entails, you will be satisfied!

- Susan K. Mahoney - Roseville, CA

Dear Dr. Wong:
This is to express how pleased I am to be a new patient at your practice in Lincoln.
During my initial exam, I was very pleased that I received such a thorough and complete evaluation. I appreciate your conscientious and professional staff.
It gives me great peace of mind knowing that I am in good hands.

- M.M. Sun City Lincoln Hills