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Do you suffer from debilitating migraines that have taken over your  life?  Do you ever  wake up feeling fabulous?  Below is a testimonial from our patient Leslie who has sought medical help for years now but nothing has worked.....until now.


 “I am not so much a grinder but I am a real CLENCHER. Clenching my teeth was apparently a major contributor to my headaches and neck pain for which I have been to receiving physical, chiropractic and massage therapy for years, not to mention the decades of taking prescription pain medications. Dr. Wong recommended the NTI device to me years ago and I was skeptical and resisted.

Recently the right side of my head, ear and neck hurt so bad I thought I had an ear infection. 
My GP told me there was nothing wrong with my ear, maybe a toothache was causing the pain. Dr. Wong saw me right away and ruled out a specific tooth issue. He again attributed the pain to TMJ and my clenching. At this point I thought, “I’ve tried EVERYTHING else, why not give this a try?”

I’ve had my NTI (Tension Supression system) for about 3 weeks and I can really feel a difference! It is amazing what that very small piece of plastic has done for me. 3 weeks with NO HEADACHE, NO PAIN MEDS, NO NECK ADJUSTMENTS and I can finally get a full body massage without spending the entire 90 minutes trying to get the kinks out of my neck and shoulders!

Thank-you Dr, Wong!”

- Leslie Johnson


FDA-Approved, Non-Medication Treatment for Chronic Migraines and Tension Headaches


• Have you lived with some kind of frequent headache for much of your life?

• Have you had every brain scan available done, only to be told, “There’s nothing wrong with you, we don’t know why you have these headaches, but here’s a prescription for the pain?”

• Have had allergy testing and everything was normal?

• Do you have to visit the massage therapist or chiropractor 1 or more times a week to at least get some relief?

• Have you tried (almost) every medication available, with only limited results?

• Do you get sinus headaches, even when there’s no sinus drainage or other symptoms of sinus congestion?

• Are you always “carrying your stress” in your neck and shoulders, such that they feel like bands of steel?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you are in good company.  Did you know that about 23 million people, mostly women, suffer from Chronic Migraine Headaches every year; another 23 million people suffer with Chronic Tension Headaches, which often spread to the neck and upper shoulders? Many have tried every kind of medication and had ever test, finally resigning themselves to living with the pain, believing nothing can be done.


However, here at Life Enhancing Dental Care, we may be able to literally change your life with the use of an simple but effective device: the NTI-tss (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition – Tension Suppression System).


The FDA has approved the NTI-tss  for treatment of both Chronic Migraine and Chronic Tension Headaches, and in the FDA trials, 82% of patients reported a 77% decrease in symptoms. That’s with NO medications!


The NTI works by a simple but powerful mechanism: it does not allow you to grind or clench your teeth at night. In many patients, it is this clenching and/or grinding that is a primary cause of tension headaches, migraines, and constant discomfort. Now, I know you’re thinking, “YEAH, RIGHT, Doc.  HA! This little piece of plastic?"  But take a moment and just imagine if you worked out your arms for 4-5 hours ever day; how painful would they be? Now imagine you’re doing that unconsciously for 3-4 hours every night, how painful do you think those muscles would be?  Seriously, just think about that for a moment.


Ask yourself this very simple question: Out of 7 days per week, how many days do you wake up feeling well rested and fabulous?  If you answered rarely or never, call Dr. Wong and let us tell you  how an NTI-tss could help you.  And just so you know…….Dr. Wong's wife, Audri and his Assistant Alyssa both wear one too!  Here's Audri's story:


“I do not suffer from typical migraines in the sense that I do not have to sit in complete darkness in a room free of noise.  Instead, I have sharp nerve pulsing type pain. It’s like someone is drilling into the side of my head.  I've had this debilitating pain since my twenties and although it only strikes about 6-10 times per year, it can hit anywhere in my body - my legs, my arm, my neck, etc.  The head pain is the most debilitating of all. 

In fact, a few months ago I had an episode that lasted over a week.  I was forced to take large dose of ibuprofen (3 tablets every 4 hours).  I was getting concerned about taking so much ibuprofen on a long term basis as I know that it can affect the kidney and liver. The pain started on the right side, and went away after a week but returned 2 weeks later.  This time the pain came back with a vengeance on the left side. 

One morning in tears, I called the office and told my husband that I could not take the pain anymore (and I have a high threshold for pain). I needed him to take me to the emergency room NOW.  While at ER they gave me a shot of Darvon (similar to morphine).  After a while the pain only subsided a tiny bit so they gave me another shot and sent me home.  The hospital ran all sorts of tests but found nothing wrong, so they could do nothing for me except give me pain medication.

I also went to see a Neurologist and had a CT scan of the brain.  The results were negative.  My neurologist stated there was no medical reason for this pain.

At this point I must confess that my husband (Dr. Wong) had been nagging me about being evaluated for clenching for quite some time. I simply did not believe that I clenched. After all, when I wake up in the mornings my jaw does not hurt, nor does it feel tight. But I was at the end of my rope. The medical doctors could do nothing for me.

Finally at the urging of Doc (that's what his staff calls him), he made me an NTI appliance to wear and relieve my clenching.  I am not aware that I clench but I do know that I have a type A personality and I am constantly on the go and am stressed to the max.  I have been wearing the NTI appliance for over 2 months now and have not had a single episode of the sharp nerve pain in my head. And while I never felt my jaw was tired and stiff, I now notice that it does feel less tense.  It feels fabulous to not be in pain!”


Dr. Wong has successfully treated many patients with unexplained tooth pain, migraine, headaches, and neck and shoulder aches with the NTI appliance.  Before he recommends the appliance, he will perform a thorough examination to rule out other causes. He will review your treatment options and explain the benefits and any risks of each therapy. If you would like to be evaluated, please contact our office at 408-CARE (2273)




 Dr. Jim Boyd, a fellow colleague invented and continues to refine the NTI-tss.  He lectures around the world on the proper fabrication and use of the NTI. I am truly fortunate to count Dr. Boyd as not just a colleague, but a friend and mentor. He now works part time in the Headache Center of Southern California, where the NTI-tss has become one of the most frequently used and most successful treatments, even in a practice of neurologists.


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