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Are you missing one or more teeth?  Are your dentures loose, so you’re embarrassed to smile or can’t eat the foods you want? Are you the person who wants the strongest, longest-lasting, most natural-looking way to replace teeth with the fewest problems?  If so, then what you’re looking for are dental implants. AND if you are looking for a Lincoln, CA Dentist for some help or advice on dental implants, KEEP ON READING!!!


Why Dental Implants To Replace Teeth?

While a dental bridge can be a good way to replace  one or more missing teeth, there’s one major problem with this – a bridge requires that the teeth around the space be drilled down for crowns.  Especially if those teeth are in good shape, that means sacrificing healthy enamel – not good.





Why Choose a Dental Implant?  There are a bunch of good reasons!

1.    Implants can’t get cavities.

2.    No need to drill on adjacent teeth.

3.    They usually last many decades.

4.    It’s like getting a real tooth back.

5.    They can hold dentures in so you can smile and eat confidently.

6.    They can look and feel like completely natural teeth!

7.    You will actually enjoy tasting your food again.


Eat Your Favorite Foods and Smile with Confidence

If you wear dentures, you probably get frustrated keeping your teeth in place.  Do you really like using the gooey paste or pads to keep them in, that you have to clean out every day and replace every day?  Especially lower dentures, as the bone shrinks and gets smaller and skinnier, those things just flop around, get really uncomfortable, and that makes it hard to eat, plus you hate feeling it flop around while you talk.


Did you know studies show that many denture wearers only end up wearing their dentures in public when necessary and throw them in the drawer most of the time?  Why?  Because they’re just uncomfortable, right?  How hard is it to chew steak or fresh vegetables with dentures?  Well, with dental implants to secure your denture, you can eat those foods no problem!  So go ahead and chomp down on that juicy piece of steak, bite down on a whole apple and not cut it into itsy bitsy pieces!


Are Dental Implants Expensive?

No doubt about it – dental implants are a long-term investment in your mouth.  However, because they usually last much longer than any other way to replace teeth, they are actually less expensive than dental bridges over time.


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