Lincoln Veneers and Implants



"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my teeth. People tell me they look so natural! They fit perfectly and that makes me feel good! Great job!" 

- Jenny Mallett


Even though dentures are usually a last resort, when every attempt to save teeth has failed or it’s just too late, sometimes a denture is the right choice, even though it can be a difficult decision.  In our Lincoln, CA office, we work hard to help people avoid dentures, including using laser therapy to stop gum disease.  However, when saving the teeth becomes impossible or too expensive, we don’t just give people a “plate,” as they’re often called, but we give people a smile back!  

We are NOT Affordable Dentures:  Our Dentures are Life Enhancing....!!!

Let me say up front, because I don’t want to mislead anyone – we are not a cheapo denture clinic.  In fact, we may even be a little on the expensive side for Lincoln, CA but before you decide to click away, hang on just a second….wait until you know what you GET for the higher price.  As with everything, you can get cheap dentures that LOOK like dentures…..or you can get dentures that look like your own teeth, that are comfortable and made to compliment your facial features.  In our office, you get the the best quality, most aesthetically pleasing and the best fitting denture.  In other words, only the best is good enough for you!

There are basically 3 kinds of dentures:

1.    “Immediate” Dentures – this is what we do when you still have a bunch of teeth that need to come out, and you don’t want to go for any period of time with no teeth.  Step one is to take molds of your teeth, choose the color and shape and size of your new teeth, send that to the lab for the denture to be made, and when you come in to have the teeth removed, we put in the denture that day.  Quite literally – you walk out that day with your smile in place, that’s why they’re “immediate.”

2.    “Regular” Dentures – if you are already missing your teeth, whether you have a denture now or not, and you need one.  This process takes a bit longer, usually up to 6 weeks (we do our best to make it faster, but to get it right, sometimes it takes this long), and 3-5 appointments.

3.    “Implant-Supported” Dentures – to be quite blunt, in many ways, dentures suck, especially lower dentures.  They can move around, fall out, etc (look up the YouTube video on the skydiving granny who loses her denture when jumping out of a plane).  BUT….if you put in a few implants with attachments, you can make a “Snap-On” denture that is amazingly secure.  You can talk and eat and smile with total confidence.

Not All Dentures Are Created Equal

If you have ever seen someone with a denture, you know that a lot of dentures LOOK LIKE dentures – they don’t look like real teeth and the plastic gum is a loud pink that is so not like real gums.  Is that really something you want?  Do you want everyone to know you have dentures?  Or do you want people to simply think that you have a great smile and never even know that your teeth are false?

If you don’t care if everyone knows you have “falsies,” then you don’t want to come see us.  If what you want is a SMILE that looks like a smile and not like a “plate,” then we’re the place for you.  But what makes our Life Enhancing dentures different? What makes them look like a real smile and not like fake teeth? 

Dr. Wong works with a local denture lab that is one of a handful of labs in the US who uses a European method of facial analysis.  This method allows both Dr. Wong and the lab to fabricate a denture that is unique to you, unique to your facial features.  Therefore this is truly YOUR denture and not one that is mass produced with the only difference being the choice in teeth and gum color.  Oh and one last thing -   Dr. Wong is very fussy and particular.  Don't be surprised if he pulls out his camera with the big lens and starts taking pictures of you from all angles.   These pictures will help the lab further define your features - features that are unique to you and nobody else.  He will also perform a lot of measurements of your face and mouth.

What makes a denture look natural and real?

·Premium teeth vs. cheap teeth: there is a HUGE difference in how high-end teeth look compared to bargain-basement denture teeth.  Cheap ones have no shine, look “flat,” are pretty square (like chiclets gum), and are usually lined up almost too perfectly, which is not really natural.

·Premium acrylic bases with natural pigments vs. cheap acrylic: look at the “gums” of cheap dentures, and it’s pretty much impossible not to notice them, right?  They’re super-bright pink, are pretty shiny, very polished-looking (ever see a person with polished shiny gums? Yeah, I didn’t think so.  :-) ), and just look fake.  Life Enhancing dentures don’t look like that – they have natural-looking texture, have natural-looking pigmentation added, and don’t have that shine.

·Customized tooth arrangements: on most cheap dentures, the teeth are lined up totally even and level (like Chiclets gum), which is not the way real teeth look. With  Dr. Wong's Life Enhancing Dentures, you get to pick exactly how you want your teeth to look, including any little “imperfections,” which actually make a denture look more natural – rotate 1-2 teeth slightly – leave a little gap between some teeth – have the teeth slightly uneven.  It’s one of those weird little things – by making the denture less perfect, we actually make the denture look far more natural-looking.

Here is testimonial from Karen who had both upper and lower dentures fabricated and further retained by implants.  She doesn't have to worry about dentures that move around or falling out while she is talking and eating plus she no longer has to use the gooey gel to adhere the dentures to her gums.  She is able to chomp down on that piece of juicy steak and eat a whole apple without having to cut it up into small bite-sized pieces!

"Just a note to let you know how thrilled I am with the final outcome of my dentures and the implants. Initially I was so skeptical that the expense would justify the end result.

Fortunately I listened to you and gave up my idea of just settling for just the 
dentures. It was my trust in you and your level of explanation that gave me the confidence to go ahead with the original plan.

The comfort and fit is amazing. I appreciate everything you have done for me. It took some time to complete the process but it was so worth it!!

Rene and Alyssa are the best. They were so kind and encouraging.

Thanks to all."

- Karen Brecher