Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Irrespective of how rigidly we follow the age-old routine of brushing our teeth twice a day our teeth do lose their natural luster over a passage of time. Teeth whitening, a cosmetic procedure, helps in regaining the lost shine by removing stains and discoloration of teeth.

Teeth whitening helps one achieve a more natural, aesthetically pleasing smile which enhances the overall personality. It helps a person feel youthful and increases self-confidence.  

Custom Trays 

We provide our patients with the luxury of take-home custom-made teeth whitening trays to brighten and improve their teeth’s color. 

What are Custom Trays?

Custom trays are cup-shaped whitening trays that are designed to fit into the patient’s teeth. It involves taking impressions of the patient’s teeth before customizing the trays. 

Our patients will be provided with custom trays and over the counter whitening or bleaching gels so that they can apply and use the whitening gel with comfort at home. As these trays are made out of plastic, they are comfortable and easy to wear. Patients will be given advice and tips by our dentist on the best ways to use the take-home custom whitening trays.

How do they work?

The bleaching gel can be gently applied onto the custom-made trays by the patient. These trays can then be easily fitted to the teeth. As you give it some time, the whitening gel acts over the surface of your teeth working its way to remove any layers of discoloration to give you a bright and beautiful smile. Results would be seen in a matter 14 days from the day of application.

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