Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings

The aesthetics of your teeth suffer from several dental impairments over time. The composite filling is a dental restoration technique that helps in fixing various impairments. Composed of powdered glass and synthetic acrylic resin, these tooth-colored fillings mimic the natural teeth and help in:
  • Filling cavities.
  • Reshaping the teeth.
  • Filling spaces between teeth.

Composite Filling Procedure

First, the cavity is removed with a small drill. The hole that is made during the removal of the
cavity is then filled in with a custom shaded filling material that closely resembles your tooth’s
natural color. After the hole is filled up, small adjustments are made to make your bite feel
normal again and everything is polished up..

Composite vs Amalgam (metal) Fillings

Composite Filling

  • Aesthetically pleasing and blends with a natural tooth.
  • Does not corrode.
  • Bonds with the tooth easily.
  • Preserves maximum amount of healthy tooth.
  • Does not contain mercury.


  • Dark in color and does not blend with the natural the tooth.
  • Corrodes after time due to expansion and contraction of amalgam. Can lead to tooth fracture.
  • Does not bond with the tooth.
  • More  aggressive removal of tooth structure to provide space for amalgam.
  • Exposure to mercury during initial placement of the filling and while drilling out the filling when replacement is needed.

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